How to repay a loan in Cash-express(e x.cashXpress)

How to repay a loan

IMPORTANT! Each repayment must be done based on unique REFERENCE NUMBER.

How to generate payment REFERENCE NUMBER?
  1. Log in to your Cash-express personal account
  2. Choose your repayment amount
  3. Than click the button “Repay” and open Dragonpay windowhow to pay
  4. Choose your preferred payment method (7Eleven, Gcash, Maya, Grabpay…)repay-1repay-2
    Accredited payment channel:
    7Eleven, Gcash, Maya, Grabpay (real time posting); Cebuana Lhuillier, BAYAD CENTER, LBC, SM & Robinson Bills payment (1 day posting); BANK`s (1-3 day posting); Internet banking (3-5 day posting)
  5. Press checkbox “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” and that click “Select”repay-3
  6. Unique payment REFERENCE NUMBER is generated.
    Write your mobile or email and click “Send instructions via Email/Mobile”repay-4
Gcash logo
GCash instructions
  1. Open GCash app on your phone and choose Bills
    Gcash step 1
  2. Choose Loans
    Gcash step 2
  3. Choose Dragon Loans
    Gcash step 3
  4. Fill out the following payment details
    1. Reference Number – Your Cash-express payment REFERENCE NUMBER
    2. Contact Number – Your Mobile number with Cash-express
    3. Amount – payment amount
    4. Email – your email
    5. Then Click NEXT

Gcash step 4

5. Click CONFIRM
Gcash step 5

CLIQQ logo
CLIQQ instructions for mobile app
  1. Open CLIQQ app on your phone and choose “Pay bills” CLIQQ step 1
  2. Select “Loans”CLIQQ step 2
  3. Than choose “Dragon loans”CLIQQ step 3
  4. Add your payment information and click “Confirm” CLIQQ step 4
7eleven logo
7eleven convinient store physically (CLIQQ)
  1. Open CLIQQ and choose “Bills payment” 7eleven step 1
  2. Select “Loans”Select “Loans
  3. Than search “Dragon loans”7eleven step 2
  4. Add your payment information and repayment your loan 7eleven step 3
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