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⚡ Key Factors of Cash-express Value
💰 Loan Amount 1,000 to 20,000 PHP
🕜 Loan Terms 7-day or 14-day, extendable
✅ Steady Income Requirement Yes
🕜 Response Time to Initial Application 15-30 minutes
🕜 Subsequent Application Response Time 5-15 min
💰 Fund Availability After Approval Within 1 hour (first time), 20-40 min (subsequent times)
🕜 Service Availability 24/7
✅ Registration Requirements Age 21–70, living in Philippines, employed or with revenue, active mobile number, bank account or e-wallet, valid ID

When you are in a situation where you need money quick and cannot wait for the lengthy quick loan approval process, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind. These factors will help you make informed decisions and lend the funds directly.
First, your credit score and report play a crucial role in loan approval. A good score indicates that you are financially responsible and can repay the loan on time. Lenders will check your credit history to evaluate your creditworthiness, so it’s essential to maintain a healthy score.
Apart from a good credit history, lenders also consider your steady income and employment status. A stable income source assures the lender that you can repay the loan without defaulting. Therefore, it is crucial to have a steady income source and a secure job before apply for fast loan.
Before applying for a personal loan, you should also consider the interest rate and other charges. This will help you choose the right lender and avoid making mistakes such as selecting the wrong lender, opting for an inconvenient tenor, or borrowing more than you need.
In conclusion, when you need funds urgently, it is essential to consider the above factors before applying for a loan online. Maintaining a good credit score, having a steady income, choosing the right lender, and keeping all the necessary documents ready will help you get the loan approved quickly.

At cash-express, we offer the fastest loan for your convenience.

When it comes to processing time, we pride ourselves on our efficiency. You can expect a response to your initial loan application within 15-30 minutes. For subsequent applications, we aim to provide a response within just 5-15 minutes.
Upon approval, the funds will be available on your card within an hour of your first call. For all subsequent calls, the money will be transferred within just 20-40 minutes.
We understand that time is of the essence, which is why our services are available 24/7. You won’t have to wait for the start of the working day as we work around the clock to ensure speedy service.

Are you in need of a fast loan from a bank?

While some banks offer small consumer loans that are processed faster than loans for larger amounts, the waiting period can still be longer compared to contacting an MFI (Microfinance Institution).
In the best-case scenario, if you approach the bank in the morning and the loan manager is available to process your application immediately, you could receive the funds on the same day. However, keep in mind that before that, you will also need to obtain a certificate of income, which can add to the processing time.
In most cases, the waiting period at a bank can range from 1-2 days, and it can take even longer if you apply towards the end of the workweek. For instance, if you submit your application on Friday, you may not receive the funds until Monday or Tuesday.
Thus, if you require fast cash urgently, it may be easier to obtain one from in Cash-express.

What are the requirements for a quick cash loan in Cash-express?

Maximum loan amount — 20,000 PHP for either a 7-day or 14-day term with low interest.
In case you cannot repay the money within the stipulated time, you have the option to prolong the duration of the arrangement without negatively impacting your credit record.

What do you need for registration?

To take an easy fast loan online, you will need:

  • Age 21–70 years old;
  • Filipinos that are currently living in the Philippines;
  • Employed or with a dependable source of revenue;
  • Have an active mobile phone number for personal use.
  • Have a bank account or e-wallet.
  • You need to upload photo of your any of the following IDs — Passport, National ID, Driver’s licence, SSS, UMID, Postal ID, PRC ID to our app.


Where can I loan money fast in the Philippines?
You complete the form on Cash-express. You only need one document and a phone number to do this. Completing the form takes a few minutes.
Where to get fastest loan?
You can submit your application in just a few simple steps. With Cash-express, the application process is quick and easy.
How to get cash loan fast?
To get a loan fast from Cash-Express complete an online application. You’ll need to provide basic information such as your name, address, and employment details. If approved, the funds may be available within an hour.
How much can I borrow with a fast loan?
The amount you can borrow with cash-express up to 20,000 PHP
What is the repayment period for a fast cash loan?
Repayment periods for fast loans either a 7-day or 14-day, but you can always extend the term of the agreement.